Dave Chappelle & 'Cancel Culture'

Dave Chappelle being cancelled? Is 'cancel culture' gaining momentum by the day? Do my individual feelings matter? How can we reach a place of mental peace?

Dave Chappelle is receiving flack for jokes made in his new Netflix comedy special titled, "The Closer". These jokes were intended for a group of people and their choice to associate with this group. Surprise surprise, the community Dave Chappelle references, is the LGBTQ community.

Personal Note: By no means do I care what an individual's preference is. I support a human beings decision to express their inner self in whatever form that individual chooses. Hence, this choice should not harm the lives of other human beings, mentally, spiritually, or physically, but nonetheless express themselves in the best way they see fits as an individual.

How we feel as an individual in this world is completely valid no matter who we choose to share this feeling with.

Whether that feeling be that you are tired or that you feel offended by the comments of another individual/group of individuals. However you feel in that moment is completely valid.

Although, an individual's feelings remain valid no matter the level of affect this feeling has on an individual, we as human beings need to focus on doing a better job when faced with a feeling that makes us uncomfortable.

Something to Think About:

Every time someone has their feelings hurt, they think that the world is imploding on them so they do everything they can to get the ‘offender’ to face a high level of scrutiny in order to feel justified within ones' self.

At what point are we going to look within ourself to find the root cause of why an individual gets upset based on comments made by another individual? How do we get to a place of contentment within ourselves so these offensive comments are not offensive any more? When will we begin to look inward?

This idea that words are hateful seems to be a fairly simple problem to solve. No matter how complex we want to make this problem, the idea comes down to a very simple solution: don't let what others say/do affect your individual wellbeing.

For example, if I make a comment on the outfit you are wearing and say something like 'jeez, you have bad taste in shoes' and this offends you, instead of taking the approach to respond with an offensive comment/behavior, accept the fact that in that moment you were offended by what someone said and it made you feel a particular way. After we accept this feeling, we become aware of how/why/where this feeling stems from.

Hate = Hate no matter how we get there.

Understanding the origin of what makes us uncomfortable allows us to let go. The more we choose to let go internally, the more free we will feel and the more free we will be.

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