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AIMSPlus App

WMS & Supply Chain Logistics Solution

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AIMSPlus App has become an integral system for warehouse and inventory management, however with the quantity of information, it is difficult for users to manage the goods exchange process efficiently as they use multiple platforms to track information.


Create an interface that visually tracks and organizes data in a central location, helping cut down on time spent searching through various digital and physical records.

My Approach


Competitive Analysis

User Interviews

Understand User Pains


Affinity Mapping

Define the Problem

User Flows





Design System


Usability Testing

Iterated Wireframes

Hi-fi Wireframes

Dev Hand-off

My Contribution

Over the course of 2 years I worked as the lead designer on a design team of 2; and a product team of 16. I presented solutions representing three main categories: web, mobile, and print. I had the opportunity to learn about a product space that I never thought I would ever participate in. I really enjoyed this aspect because it gave me the chance to understand the people that work in the supply chain logistics industry. With no prior knowledge in warehouse management systems or supply chain logistics, I picked up on the business-user processes and terminology fairly quickly and made an impactful contribution early on.

I evaluated competitors to gather inspiration and design solutions from competitors. Tasks spanned between updating existing features and creating new ones, so user interviews were commonly used to validate and expand on design decisions.

Before jumping into visualizing solutions, I double check my research to ensure nothing is overlooked and then begin implementing design solutions. Creating a design system is integral to the app development process as it allows a seamless workflow for both designers and developers on the team.

Project Duration: 1.5 years

How can we provide an efficient digital solution for managing inventory and warehouse processes?

User Pains

In a technologically-driven world, some industries are still in the process of adopting new technology to increase the production of their processes. To be more specific, the supply chain logistics industry seems hesitant to migrate to new systems. Understandably, in a fast paced industry re-training employees on a large scale can be costly.

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Documentation is continuously lost due to paper being handed from person to person.

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There is a lack of material tracking throughout the material life cycle.

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Users have to manage inventory and pickup information across multiple platforms.

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Millions of dollars worth of inventory lost each year.

Solving User Pains

With so much inventory being lost and unaccounted for, we needed to map out how to track the movement of material along its life cycle from creation of an order to contractor possession. 

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Material Life Cycle

Information Architecture

Throughout the material life cycle, various user roles interact with each other. For example, when a contractor arrives at the warehouse for a pickup appointment, the user must complete an approval process and sign for goods being picked up. Once signed the warehouse worker must do the same to complete a the order. 

What are the different roles that exist? What are their capabilities? The sitemap shows all app roles and their features.


AIMSPlus App sitemap

UI Design

The AIMSPlus App is used by 10 different user groups across 4 different devices, which include desktop, mobile, and two types of scanners.






CT40 Scanner


CT65 Scanner


Design System

Establishing a process that supports efficiency within an Agile environment helped our team minimize time to market. Creating a design system was integral, as it allowed me to quickly develop new tools and content without having to reinvent the design/UI wheel every time.

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AIMSPlus App sitemap

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Supply Chain Logistics

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Warehouse Management

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